Friday, 1 July 2011

Scandinavia: August 2010

Eurotrip 2010: Denmark, Sweden, Norway

Dates: 31st July - 10th August 2009
Total distance: 3579 miles
Total driving time: 68 hours
Estimated fuel cost: £673

Day 1: Horsham to Hengelo
Day 2: Hengelo to Kolding
Day 3: Kolding to Norrköping
Day 4: Norrköping to Ramstad
Day 5: Ramstad to Flåm
Day 6: Day trip to Bergen
Day 7: Flåm to Kristiansand (ferry to Hirtshals)
Day 8: Hirtshals to Bruges
Day 9: Bruges to Horsham

Nights 5 & 6: Flåm Camping
All other nights: Slept in the car

The photo set can be found here.

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